There has been frequent demands from the public in general and the media and student community in particular to know about various aspects of traffic related matters particularly accidents and their causes, road conditions, traffic movements, transport facility etc. Although the Traffic Police has been answering these queries within the available resources of information, yet many questions either remain unanswered or answered with little satisfaction of public for want of the availability of information. The Traffic Police, while realizing the handicap, collected the relevant data from various departments, collated, analyzed and put it on their website, launched with a view to ensure the hassle free access to the information by the public. This website will not only contain the data with regard to various traffic related matters as stated above but will also have articles and papers on traffic issues for a wider debate of the viewers. This will not only keep the viewers abreast of the traffic scenario in J&K but will also help them to offer valid suggestions for improving the traffic management in J&K. Although the website is in infancy stage, yet with the passage of time it will develop into a full-fledged information web. I appreciate the efforts taken by our Traffic Police in this regard.