Mission  Statement - Reach Home Safely- We care for you




i)        Reduce fear of accidents, rash and negligent driving from the minds of our citizens.

ii)      Focus on use of technology to reduce dependence on manpower as well as to reduce bias and conflict;

iii)    Prevent and reduce accidents;


iv)    Effective traffic regulation and enforcement of law;


v)      Inculcate sense of discipline amongst road users and educate the public (including students) about road safety;


vi)    Ensure smooth and secure traffic movement at all times and also during special occasions, festivals, function and emergency movements with minimum possible inconvenience to public;


vii)  Inculcate sense of responsiveness and sensitivity to the needs of the public;


viii)  Render assistance to public in various stressful conditions such as prompt First aid to accident victims, pedestrian crossings etc;


ix)    Develop and optimize the human resource of Traffic Police;


x)      Assist and advise various agencies for a coordinated development of infrastructure for smooth and safe flow of traffic;


xi)    Ensure protection of the environment and take appropriate steps for prevention of noise and air pollution;


xii)  Encourage participation and involvement of public in traffic management;


xiii)Zero tolerance against driving under the influence of liquor or substance abuse;


xiv) Infrastructure build up for proper traffic engineering and a data base for support;

xv)   Continue with our efforts for further improvement.




i)          Introduction of Runaway challan scheme;

ii)        Traffic Management Software;

iii)       Sharing of data through 2Mbps MLLN circuit;

iv)       Depositing of fine (compound money) through Banks;


v)         Generation of Unique ID No.s for Data Management;

vi)       Taking stakeholders into confidence; 

vii)      Intensive checking in the entire U.T;

viii)         Single point checking system, to ensure minimum inconvenience to  

    the motorists;

ix)        Registration of cases against habitual offenders u/s 304, 307 RPC; 

x)           Punching of D/Ls;

xi)         Initiation of a process whereby recommendations are made for

     cancellation /suspension of  D/Ls of habitual offenders;  

     cancellation  of route permits, fitness etc. of repeat offenders,  

     specially of PSVs;

xii)       Inauguration of Pedestrian crossings at several places;

xiii)           Interface with Media for projection of correct picture;

xiv)     Recommendation to law commission urging stringent panel   

      provisions (including manifold increase in fine amount) against  

     Traffic  violations;

xv)         Initiation of Car Pool schemes;

xvi)    Take night rounds to understand the bottlenecks & then taking

      steps to remove them;

xvii)           Ensuring accountability through MWDs, Supervision, Trainings;

xviii)         Transparent Rotational posting policy;

xix)     Standardization for optimization of time, resources and to achieve


xx)      Spreading of awareness among Stakeholders which has helped

  in better understanding.




i)        Installation of Electronic Traffic Signal System

ii)      More Pedestrian Crossings, foot over-bridges, repairs of footpaths etc. for safety of pedestrians;

iii)    Identification of Bus Stops and layout of Bus Bays;


iv)    Toll free helpline;

v)      Specially Designed Barriers for lane division, left turns, diversions and blockage of medians for free flow of traffic.

vi)    Integration of database with on-line connectivity to NCRB, CCTNS;


vii)  Complete integration with GPS/CCTV based navigation system for entire movement of traffic in J&K;


viii)   Providing an interface for interaction through facebook, SMS, Blog FM Radio for quick remedial action;

ix)    Enhancement of punishment for effective deterrence; 

x)      Popularize the concept of Car Pools;


The above is a platform from which we intend to build up strong systems

so that

our mission succeeds


Seeking your wholehearted cooperation in our endeavour to

achieve the mission